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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Special Issue 3, Part J (2017)

Study on some phytoplankton from Januna Lake, Khamgaon (MS)

Talwankar DS

The samples collected from Januna lake Khamgaon are investigated for different unicellular algae present in water and some Diatoms and cosmarium species found in lake are reported here. The Januna lake is 6 to 10 km away from Khamgaon situated between latitude 76044’ to 760 47’ and longitude 200 56’ to 200 63’ i.e. in high temperature zone, the rainfall is very low, the samples were collected by planktonic net, preserved in 4% formalin, observed and identified. In all seven species of Diatoms and Cosmarium has been described here, viz are Pinnularia acrosphaeria (Breb.) Cymbella kolbei (Hust.), Cymbella tumida (Breb.), Nitzschia frustulum (Kutz.), Cosmarium bioculatum, C. botrytis and C. globosum. Chlorophyta are abundant in the hard water with high turbidity. Presence of Diatoms like Cymbella, Nitzschia is an indication of polluted water. The species of diatoms reported here indicates indirectly the disposal of garbage and sewage in the lake. Pinnularia acrosphaeria inhabit the water bodies generally with rotten matters. Nitzschia frustulum is abundant in the pools ditches formed through effluents from sewage. Cymbella kolbei and C. tumida grows vigorously in detritus and squeezing of vegetable matter. It shows that water quality of the lake is so contaminated.
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Talwankar DS. Study on some phytoplankton from Januna Lake, Khamgaon (MS). Int J Appl Res 2017;3(3S):299-302.
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