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Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part C (2017)

Reflections of Socio-economic progress during Mauryan period in early India

Reflections of Socio-economic progress during Mauryan period in early India

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dubey
The main discourse of this study is the great economic and social transformations which took place in India during Mauryan oeriod. In terms of cultural and historical development, this period registered a transition from the agrarian way of life of Early Historical Period to the full-fledged agrarian economy, trade and urbanism in India. During this period of study, as we might expect Aryan culture became influenced by the cultures of the peoples whom they met in north India and we find, at the end of the period, the beginning of what we can recognize today as classical Indian culture. The C14 dates for the spread of the Northern Black Polished Ware in different parts of the northern India provide a range from 475 BC to early centuries of Christian era, which support the pre-Mauryan penetration of the techno- cultural elements from north India into the Ganga valley. If this deluxe ware is linked up with the second urbanization in north India and its spread to the south-east of India as a resultant factor of this trade as well as early Buddhism. The Northern Black Polished Ware collected from various excavated sites of middle Ganga valley, indicates the pre-Mauryan advent of Buddhism in this region. The indisputable evidence of the rise of Mauryan presence in India comes from these excavated several sites where the Mauryan stratum overlaps the early historical layer in stratified context. The expansion of early historical sites into the fertile flood plains of the Ganga-Yamuna doab and the Mauryan presence there indicate a diversification of the resource base and a greater reliance on agriculture in addition to the exploitation of the mineral resources.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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