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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part H (2017)

Morphological and topographical anatomy of nutrient foramina in human clavicles of Eastern Odisha

Santosh K Sahu and Dali Meher
Background: Human clavicle is a modified long bone placed almost horizontally at the root of the neck. Nnutrient artery enters the bone through the nutrient foramen which is directed away from the growing end as a rule. Vascularized bone like clavicle helps principally in bone grafting and joint allograft.
Objective: To analyze nutrient foramen in adult human clavicle of Eastern Odisha in relation to their number, position, direction and distribution over bone length. Material & methods: The present study was undertaken in 53 clavicles of unknown sex which were collected from the department of Anatomy, S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, Odisha, after the approval from the ethical committee of the institute. Mean foramen index was calculated using Hughes formula.
Result: Total number of foramina in all 53(100%) clavicles were 84, and we observed that most of the clavicles (50.9%) had two foramina. Most of the foramina were in middle 1/3rd region (71.4%) and in 66.10% clavicles. Also, most of the nutrient foramina were in posterior surface (63.1%) and in 50.82% clavicles. This study observed that the foramina were more common on posterior surface and were often multiple, directed towards the acromial end.In our study, the average distance of the foramen from the sternal end was 65.8 mm. and the mean foramen index was 52.06.
Conclusion: Nutrient foramina vary in their position, number and distribution on the bone surface. Knowledge of nutrient foramen is helpful in surgical procedures like bone grafting and in microsurgical bone transplantation
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Santosh K Sahu, Dali Meher. Morphological and topographical anatomy of nutrient foramina in human clavicles of Eastern Odisha. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(4):521-523.
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