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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 4, Part I (2017)

Caractérisation des ligneux de la savane sahélienne à Acacia senegal (L) Willd dans la région du Guéra, Tchad

Chanceyambaye Ngarnougber, Fidèle Tonalta Ngaryo and Ibrahima Adamou
The implementation of the development plans of gommeraies in the Chad and mainly in the region of Guéra requires deep knowledge of the availability of this resource. That is why a study was carried out on 3 localities on the production of the gum (eraser) hard " Kitir abiat in local Arabic " of Acacia senegal tree to determine dendometrics parameters of these natural populatings and the state of the site. The method of sampling by dendometrics reports and floristics inventories on 42 plots of land of 30 m x 30 m was used. A total of 724 individuals distributed in 7 families and 11 species was inventoried. The density of Acacia Senegal does not show significant differences between villages (0,6821˃0,05). The vertical and horizontal distribution (casting) is in the form of inverted J (spilled) characteristic of the sahelian shrubby formations subjected (submitted) to strong pressure. The Fani village presents a raised mortality rate (brought up) with a low regeneration. The analysis of various values of the indications reveal that these parks of natural savannas with Acacia Senegal of the region of Guéra are less diversified (1,6 bit of the Index of diversity of Shannon-Weaver) with a strong dominance of the Mimosaceae family (Importance Value Index or ecological Importance of the species= 90,07 %) followed by Balanitaceae family (8,56 %).These results come to strengthen the almost non-existent data of the ligneous resources of the Acacia senegal and would contribute to the sustainable management of gommeraies in the Chad.
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Chanceyambaye Ngarnougber, Fidèle Tonalta Ngaryo, Ibrahima Adamou. Caractérisation des ligneux de la savane sahélienne à Acacia senegal (L) Willd dans la région du Guéra, Tchad. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(4):600-606.
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