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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part A (2017)

Status of social well being in Uttar Pradesh: A comparative analysis

Dr. Fatma Mehar Sultana and Mariya
The infrastructure development of any country includes both economic infrastructure development that is development of various sectors like energy, power, telecom, transport, InfoTech, finance etc as well as social infrastructures including education and health issues. The social infrastructure in India includes education system, health care, the management of the education and health services in India, that form the basic social infrastructure definition. In India development is incomplete without social development. Uttar Pradesh is the second largest and most populous state of India. Despite the sign of recent progress, the state is still facing challenges in social infrastructure like education, health, social welfare. The present study represent the status of Uttar Pradesh which is one of the most backward state in India in terms of educational as well as in basic health care infrastructural development. These variations are not only inter-region but also intra-regional variations. The present paper attempts to analyse the existing inequality between the districts of state. Though from all the basic indicators of social well being, education and health infrastructure facilities were taken to analyse the result. The paper investigates the problem using secondary sources of data. Statistical techniques and GIS technique for map making is used to analyse the result.
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Dr. Fatma Mehar Sultana, Mariya. Status of social well being in Uttar Pradesh: A comparative analysis. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):27-30.
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