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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part M (2017)

Science learning at our school stage: Practices, issues and prospects

Science learning at our school stage: Practices, issues and prospects

Dr. Jayeeta Bhattacharjee
Education is one of the potent instruments for the socio economic development of a nation. Science education being an important component of education system contributes to the solution of the national problems through the development of desirable qualities, understanding skills, abilities etc among the people. The place of science in school education has been well established throughout the world. Science education is now a major concern in almost all the developing countries. High priority is given to its quantitative expansion and qualitative improvement. Looking at the complex scenario of science education in India, three issues stand out. First science education is still far from achieving the goal of equity enshrined in our constitution. Second science in India even at its best, develops competence but does not encourage inventiveness and creativity. Third overpowering of examination system is basic to most, if not all, the fundamental problems of science education in India. Various programmes have been created worldwide to support science education in developing countries. The present article highlights the practices, issues and prospects of science learning at our school stage.
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Dr. Jayeeta Bhattacharjee. Science learning at our school stage: Practices, issues and prospects. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):903-906.
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