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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part P (2017)

To assess the knowledge regarding immunization among mother of under 5 children in selected area of Pune city

To assess the knowledge regarding immunization among mother of under 5 children in selected area of Pune city

N Sujita Devi, Irish, Smitta, Pragati and Vishvendra
Aim: To assess the Knowledge Regarding Immunization among Mother of under 5 Children in Selected Area of Pune City. Objective: To assess the level of knowledge regarding Immunization among Mothers of under 5 Children and associate the findings with the selected demographic variables. The total sample size was 200 only. Methodology: The researcher was adopted on non-experimental survey research design. The setting of the study was the selected area of the Pune city. The sample comprised of 200 mothers who were having under 5 children. Non-probability convenient sampling technique was used, semi-structured questionnaire was used. The content of data collection tool was send for its validity in terms of relevance and accuracy. The reliability was done in Chavannagar area and the reliability coefficient was found 0.87. The pilot study was conducted on the 20 samples and was found feasible. Analysis: The study reveals that poor knowledge is 8.64 and SD 1.32, for average knowledge mean is 8.87 and SD 1.49, for good knowledge mean is 13.7 and SD is 1.00. There is also association between education of mother and knowledge regarding immunization as the p-value is less than 0.05 level of significant. The calculated chi square calculated value of education of mother i.e.21.96309 is more than the table value i.e. 15.50731.As the standard of the education is higher, the knowledge of the immunisation was found more. Result: Majority of the mother belongs to the age groups 20-24 years 92 (46%), majority were educated till higher secondary 67 (33.5%) and 176 (88%) of the sample from Hindu religions. Majority 79 (39.5%) 0f sample were homemaker and 122 (61%) had child of 1 year who is getting immunizations. Among 200 sample, majority was having average knowledge 140 (70%) and poor 50 (25%), good 10 (5%). Based on findings of the study the investigators want to recommend further studies. It is suggested that the study may be replicated using a larger population of mothers. The comparative study was done in different area like urban and rural. Conclusion: To conclude with the help of the findings. Mothers knows about the importance of immunizing the child. There is knowledge deficiency in the area of BCG and after care of BCG vaccination. Most of the mothers have lack of knowledge about the DPT vaccination and its importance, doses of hepatitis B and the vitamin A vaccination.
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N Sujita Devi, Irish, Smitta, Pragati, Vishvendra. To assess the knowledge regarding immunization among mother of under 5 children in selected area of Pune city. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):1112-1114.
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