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Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part Q (2017)

Socialist culture: A review

Socialist culture: A review

Dr. BVV Balakrishna

Culture, one might note, is here a descriptive and a normative term at the same time. It describes in a neutral way what must actually happen for us to survive, but it also refers to a kind of loving and is thus a value term as well. Without some culture of caring geared up to greet us we simply won’t flourish. In this sense, the word “culture” leaps the gap between fact and value-between what is the case and what the case is desirably. Far from just rising shakily on our paws and licking ourselves down, we are born with an enormous hole in our natures, which culture must instantly plug if we are not to die. It is natural to us to be lacking. And since our premature birth results in an unusually long period of dependency on those human beings immediately to hand it gives rise to an unusually intense intimacy with them. This in turn results in a particularly traumatic severance from them at a later point, which is what gives rise to that curious human invention known as psychoanalysis. This paper tries to explain the concept of socialist culture.
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Dr. BVV Balakrishna. Socialist culture: A review. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(6):1172-1174.
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