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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part F (2017)

A review on lean construction approach and its application in construction sector

Anirban Deshmukh
The production efficiency in the construction sector has been declined over the past few decades. When in the late 1950s, Toyota Motor Company introduced Lean Manufacturing approach, it resulted in performance improvement in productivity as well as reducing the waste production without spending extra money or time. Over the decades by improving and modifying that approach “lean construction” (LC) had been developed. LC is a new form of production management for the construction sector which features some vital objectives like “delivery process”, “maximizing performance at the project level”, “concurrent design”, “project control” (throughout the lifecycle of the project from design to delivery). This paper demonstrates how “lean” thinking can be incorporated into construction sector and advantages/disadvantages of it over traditional approaches. The Last Planner System technique which is a vital application network of lean construction approach is demonstrated briefly – how it can be implemented and the expected results from it. Also, a performance improvement based model has been included showing and describing the relationships of all of the involved components. In general, LC projects are easier to manage, economically feasible, saves a lot of the project time, reduces losses, reduces waste production and delivers a better quality outcome.
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Anirban Deshmukh. A review on lean construction approach and its application in construction sector. Int J Appl Res 2017;3(8):348-356.
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