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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part F (2018)

Women empowerment: Challenges and Necessity

Women empowerment: Challenges and Necessity

Parveen Kumari
Women significantly contribute to the advancement of both the economy and society. The woman assumes the role of leader, planner, trainer, and supplier of labor power within the family, playing a crucial role in the advancement of agriculture, industry, and the service sector. However, the condition of women remains dire, with women bearing the brunt of poverty. The key to resolving these issues lies in empowering women. Women's Empowerment has been a topic of extensive conversations and reflection globally in recent years. The inclusion of this agenda has consistently ranked high on the priority lists of numerous government plans and programs. Diligent efforts have been consistently undertaken by nations worldwide to tackle this matter and elevate the socio-economic standing of women. Nevertheless, it has come to light that the majority of policies and programs primarily perceive empowerment through an economic lens, operating under the assumption that financial independence alone empowers women, while disregarding other crucial factors such as health, education, and literacy. The acceleration of women empowerment is imperative in order to achieve gender equality within the nation. By prioritizing the empowerment of women, their ability to attain their fundamental rights in society is enhanced. This abstract explores the multi-dimensional landscape of women's empowerment in India, delving into the societal, economic, and cultural strides made by women across diverse domains. Through narratives of courage, resilience, and aspiration, this abstract envisions a future where women in India stand as architects of change, embodying the ethos of empowerment and agency in every facet of life.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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