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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part F (2018)

The importance of ICT in English language teaching

The importance of ICT in English language teaching

Pratima Priyadarshni
Today, almost a full decade into the 21st century, we live amidst unprecedented revolution in the advancement of ICT, however, surrounded by widespread poverty, and social and economic inequalities are the norm. Considered as powerful tool to promote social and economic development, education has become a primary focus of the recently forged information communication technology for development community, especially in the least developed countries. ICT gives students and teachers new tools with which to learn and teach’. Shavinina (2001) states that the importance of ICT is quite clear from the educational perspective. Teaching with the chalk board, textbooks, radio/television and film have been used for educational purpose over the years, none has quite impact on the educational process like the computer and Internet, while television and film has impact on the audiovisual facilities of the users’. He refers that ICT has the capacity to provide higher interactive potential for users to develop their individual, intellectual and creative ability. The main purpose of ICT is to develop human mental resources, which allow people apply the existing knowledge and produce new knowledge. According to National curriculum for education (2009) ‘Information and communication technology prepares pupils to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technology. Pupils use ICT tools to find, explore, analysis, exchange and present information responsibly creatively and discrimination. They learn how to employ ICT and enable to access ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures’. Increased capability in the use of ICT help to promote initiative and independent learning with pupils and being able to make informed judgments about, when and where to use ICT and its effect and its implications for home and work both now and in the future.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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