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Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part F (2018)

Rural women’s socio-economic empowerment in drought condition: A study

Rural women’s socio-economic empowerment in drought condition: A study

Kisan Anna Shingare
Mahatma Gandhi rightly remark that real India resides in rural part of the nation. Indian socio-economical systems still depend on agriculture. Villages are surviving on it. And this whole agriculture system has given birth by women. Still maximum agricultural work are executed by women’s hand. Rural economy is depend on agriculture and agriculture depend on water system. Still 80% rural area is totally depend on rain fall. Modern water saving irrigation system are not reached and enriched. Drought can have economic, social, health, and environmental effects on women in developing countries. Drought contributes top decreased household food supply and little or no crop surplus for sale. When stocks are used up, few resources are available for the purchase of food. Male labor migration increases during drought and may become permanent. Prostitution in urban areas and forced marriages increases. Drought can deplete pastures and reduce livestock counts. Women are left to till the fields by hand and must reduce the area cultivated. Aid programs can offer food or money in exchange for work. Child labor may be reduced, but mothers must compensate and fetch water and firewood or wash dishes. Diets are supplemented by drinkable water. In rural area women are usually exploited by our male dominated system. Naturally women are forced for bringing water from long distance. Drought also affected on women health severely. In such critical condition women must be boosted by given positivity, motivation, emotional support and by providing important daily resources. This article is attempted to analyze women’s condition in drought and understanding what many efforts are made to make them empower and fight with the crucial condition. Women are also exhausted to maintain family. Mostly they have to pay attention for nourishment the children in the family. So for fighting drought like natural calamity women must be supported. This article analyze government, NGO and other initiatives taken for the empowerment of women in drought prone area.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Kisan Anna Shingare. Rural women’s socio-economic empowerment in drought condition: A study. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(1):565-567.
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