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Vol. 4, Issue 10, Part C (2018)

The impact of big data on machine learning: Challenges and opportunities

The impact of big data on machine learning: Challenges and opportunities

Alok Kumar, Shyam Agarwal and Amit Gupta
The intersection of Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) has marked a paradigm shift in various industries, offering unprecedented opportunities and posing unique challenges. This review paper delves into the profound impact of Big Data on ML, exploring the dynamic landscape that emerges when these two powerful domains converge.
The advent of Big Data, characterized by the voluminous and diverse datasets generated at an unprecedented pace, has redefined the scope and potential of ML applications. This paper scrutinizes the challenges and opportunities inherent in harnessing Big Data for ML algorithms. One of the primary challenges is the sheer scale of data, necessitating advanced techniques for storage, processing, and analysis. Additionally, the heterogeneity of Big Data sources introduces complexities in data integration, quality assurance, and feature engineering for ML models.
The paper sheds light on the opportunities arising from the synergy of Big Data and ML. The abundance of data facilitates the training of more robust and accurate models, enabling ML algorithms to uncover intricate patterns and make predictions with greater precision. The review emphasizes the role of Big Data in enhancing the adaptability of ML models, enabling them to evolve and improve performance over time.
Furthermore, the paper explores the significance of scalable and distributed computing frameworks, such as Apache Hadoop and Spark, in handling large-scale datasets for ML applications. It discusses the potential of cloud computing platforms, which provide the necessary infrastructure for ML algorithms to efficiently process and analyze Big Data.
The review also addresses ethical considerations and privacy concerns associated with the utilization of massive datasets in ML. Striking a balance between deriving insights from Big Data and safeguarding individual privacy emerges as a critical area for further research and development.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Alok Kumar, Shyam Agarwal, Amit Gupta. The impact of big data on machine learning: Challenges and opportunities. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(10):210-213. DOI: 10.22271/allresearch.2018.v4.i10c.11457
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International Journal of Applied Research
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