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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 11, Part D (2018)

Effects of fartlek and plyometric training on agility performance of collegiate male football players

Dr. Vasant Vishram Rathod
The aim of the present study was effects of Fartlek and Plyometric training on Agility performances of Male Football players. 45 Male Football players from various colleges of Maharashtra are selected for the present study. The selected subjects were of age group ranging from 18 to 25 years. The subjects were randomly divided into three groups and each group consisted of 15 subjects. Group-I underwent isolated Fartlek Training, Group-II was isolated Plyometric Training, and Group-III act as control group was not given any special treatment. The experimental period was 12 weeks. Pre-test and post-test were taken before and after the training programme. The selected physical variables were agility. During the intervention phase, a modified training program was offered by a well-trained Football coaches to the experimental group under the supervision of the researcher at a college in Maharashtra. All participants were encouraged to continue their standard physical activities and routine procedures. The intervention phase 12 weeks and included morning 60 minutes and evening 60 minutes Football coaching classes for alternative days in a week.
To find out the significant Effects of Fartlek and Plyometric Training on selected physical variable. The ANCOVA statistical technique was used to find the mean difference between the groups on physical variables. The results of the study revealed a significant group × test interaction (p< 0.05). Follow-up analyses indicated that while no group differences in physical variables existed between the four groups of the pretest. In posttest all the experimental groups were found to have significantly (p< 0.05) better performance on the physical variables than the control group. The findings of the present study suggest that plyometric training improved the physical variables in collegiate Male Football players.
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Dr. Vasant Vishram Rathod. Effects of fartlek and plyometric training on agility performance of collegiate male football players. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(11):262-264.
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