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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 12, Part A (2018)

Prisoners right in India: Effectiveness of existing statutory provisions and need for reforms

Prisons have come to occupy the central place in the administration of punishment all over the world. There cannot be a society without crime and criminals. The Institution of Prison is indispensable for every country. The main aim of Prison sentence is not to have to retribution against the offender but to make him a better human being and useful to society. Prisons are very bad considered regarding the conditions of Prisoners. The Prisoners/ Inmates are found in an inhuman and unhealthy atmosphere in prison. Indian Prisons are overcrowded. It is one of the most serious concerns these days. Because Overcrowding create many serious problems as poor living conditions, clothing, food, health care. Prisoners are entitled to basic rights as a normal human when they are behind the bar. These rights are inserted under Indian constitution and Prisons Act 1894 etc. The basic rights include right to legal aid, right to speedy trail, right to food, right to medical assistance and protection against violence and torture. Beside the physical protection afforded to prisoners and the elimination of unnecessary restraints, there are many other issues regarding prisoner's rights have engaged the attention of courts in India. This paper focuses on sketching out legislation, court judgments, and directions regarding the rights of prisoner in India.
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Reena. Prisoners right in India: Effectiveness of existing statutory provisions and need for reforms. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(12):26-29.
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