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Vol. 4, Issue 12, Part B (2018)

A brief history of materials and construction techniques of Mughal architecture

A brief history of materials and construction techniques of Mughal architecture

Dr. Rahul Maurya
Art and architecture present a live depiction of the culture and reflect the concept and approach of the contemporary society. When Islam reached Hindustan, it brought distinctive features of architecture in India such as dome, arch, minarets and vaults and also the techniques, tools and of course building materials. On the other hand, prevailing Indian elements were flat roof, corbelled bracket, tapering dome, pillars and columns etc. The monuments in early of Islam during Slave dynasty were created with basic Islamic features like arch, dome etc which made by corbelling technique, so the quality of the construction was low in terms of elements as well as strength. With this, it show deficiency of materials used in the construction, which were obtained from the demolition of the Indian architecture. Later on, it had some improvements with construction techniques and elements during Khilji's and further ruling dynasties. But when Mughal established the rule in India they created much refined monuments by using of sophisticated techniques and advanced building materials. Their buildings show the purity and grandeur of Islam. They used true arch and other sophisticated elements in their construction and applied them in different pattern according to the need of decoration. Apart from this, using of massive gateways and domes and four quartered garden pattern etc shows marvellous effect on Mughal monuments. Such a grand and splendid construction could not possible without exact and proper building materials. This article discusses the structural development and use of building materials and techniques adopted by Mughals for construction of their monuments. It deals with description of historian evidences with special reference to Akbar's reign for material and construction techniques. It investigates how the engineer, builders and other renowned workers had knowledge to build massive fort, palaces and other religious monuments in a very short period of time.
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Dr. Rahul Maurya. A brief history of materials and construction techniques of Mughal architecture. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(12):75-78.
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