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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 12, Part F (2018)

Teaching challenges in modern healthcare practice (Estonian sample)

Kristel Kotkas
In Estonia teaching skills of healthcare professionals are supported since 2002 by a modified series of curricula (basic and further training), based on a theoretical patient- and learner-centred approach. Half of all “would be” healthcare professionals learning happens in hospitals as practical training internships supervised by “old school” mentors as clinical teachers.
Problem: Estonian care quality studies (2002-2017) reveal lack of patient centeredness.
Research questions: 1. How has the patient-centred approach of clinical teacher developed? 2. How clinical-practice affects the formation of student’s professional identity?
The paper presents results of a longitudinal survey, based on empirical data collected between 2010-2018. The focus group was a comprehensive sample of Estonian mentor nurses (N=71) and a purposeful sample of student nurses (N=230). Based on the current study, clinical teachers receive their teaching competences from basic-, further training- and hidden curriculum. The modern in practice training system supports development of the student’s patient-centeredness only if clinical teachers realise their professional identity and teacher role.
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Kristel Kotkas. Teaching challenges in modern healthcare practice (Estonian sample). Int J Appl Res 2018;4(12):366-369.
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