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Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part D (2018)

The study on pica at tertiary care hospital

The study on pica at tertiary care hospital

Dr. C Murali and Sukanya Seshasai
Pica is habitual eating of chalk, coal, sand, pebbles, crayon, slate pencil etc. Pica is seen as abnormal behaviour in psychological conditions and also in low Socio economic status, family disputes and disorientation. Mentally retarded children of above 2 years age are seen with the habit of pica. Pica causes health hazards and complications like poisoning, gastro intestinal problems and worm infestation. We observed 21 cases of pica in our study at Apollo institute of medical sciences and District head quarters hospital at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. We observed cement eating in 3 cases, insects and mud in eating 4 cases, slate pencil and chalk eating in 4 cases, soil and mud eating in 2 cases, paint eating in 4 cases, hair eating and nail biting in 4 cases. These children are Anaemic, malnourished, lethargic, with distension of abdomen. Some of them are mentally retarded, History of worm infestation, abnormal hair growth, and underweight are seen. All the children were investigated for Haemoglobin, peripheral smear, serum ferritin, iron binding capacity, ESR, stools for ova cyst, urine microscopy and albumin. Treatment: All the children were treated with micronutrients like iron and zinc, deworming with albendazole and high protein supplemented diet. They required multidisciplinary approach with the team comprising of psychologist, social workers, parents, friends and teachers.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Dr. C Murali, Sukanya Seshasai. The study on pica at tertiary care hospital. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(2):227-229.
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