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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part F (2018)

To study the effect of pilates exercises on low back pain in female Bharatnatyam dancers undergoing training

Sohana Khandekar and Dr. Shrikant Mhase
Background and Objectives: Bharatnatyam dance form involves aesthetic yet challenging movements. Their training requires strength, stamina, flexibility, grace, passion, and emotion. It has been found that there is prevalence of 34.7% of back injuries in bharatnatyam dancers. Bharatanatyam dancers utilize two movements: a half-sitting pose and a full-sitting pose, both requiring external rotation of the legs and bending at the knee joints, anterior tilting of pelvis, increase in lumbar lordosis and stress in placed on the back muscles to maintain the position. It has been concluded in a previous study that probably when iliacus and psoas major are shortened during repeated hip flexion movements as in half sitting position, it causes anterior pelvic tilt and increased lumbar lordosis which in turn causes imbalances in trunk flexors and extensors and could be the probable cause for low back pain.Core stability, strength and flexibility are emphasised in pilates exercises, as in control of movement, posture and breathing. All these aspects of pilates exercise may benefit people with low back pain as exercise with similar features have been successful in reducing pain and improving functional ability. Thus this study is determined to study the effects of pilates exercises for low back pain in female bharatnatyam dancers undergoing training.
Study Design: Quasi experimental study
Study Setting: Bharatnatyam dance institutes in Pune
Outcome Measures: Numerical pain rating scale (NPRS) and Oswestry low back pain questionnaire (OSWDQ)
Method: 50 subjects were selected on the basis of inclusion and exclusion criterias. After taking informed concent they were taught selected set of pilates exercises which were perfomed under supervision in groups of 5. The exercises were perfomed thrice a week for three weeks.
Result: The study showed significant reduction in pain and increase in functional abilities of dancers. The comparison of pre and post scores of NPRS and OSWDQ scales shows significant difference.
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Sohana Khandekar, Dr. Shrikant Mhase. To study the effect of pilates exercises on low back pain in female Bharatnatyam dancers undergoing training. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(4):389-393.
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