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Vol. 4, Issue 5, Part E (2018)

Normative data on grip strength in children aged 4-8 years

Normative data on grip strength in children aged 4-8 years

Dr. Mayuri R Shah
Background: Reliable and valid evaluation of hand strength can provide an objective index of general upper body strength. The synergistic action of flexor and extensor muscles and the interplay of muscle group is an important factor in the strength of the resulting grip. The purpose of this testing is diverse, including to diagnose diseases, to evaluate and compare treatments, to document progression of muscle strength, and to provide feedback during the rehabilitation process as a measure indicating level of hand function.
Aim: To evaluate normative values of grip strength in 4-8 years old children using aneroid sphygmomanometer.
Methodology: 200 subjects were included in the study. Age groups were divided into 4 groups. Both males and females were included. Recent trauma to hand, diagnosed disease like Rheumatoid arthritis, and deformity, nerve injury, and fractures were excluded. Subject was seated in chair with arm adducted and hand outside the armrest. Feet flat on ground. Cuff was inflated to 20mmhg and was placed in hand rolled and tied. Subject was instructed to make a closure of palm. Readings were recorded and data was analyzed.
Results: ANOVA was used for comparing 4 groups and unpaired t test was used in each group for males and females comparison. Only age group 5-6 years showed males had higher grip strength than females.
Conclusion: The study concluded that grip strength increases with age and males have higher grip strength than females.
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Dr. Mayuri R Shah. Normative data on grip strength in children aged 4-8 years. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(5):323-324.
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