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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 6, Part B (2018)

Meningitis caused by candida species: An emerging problem in neurosurgical patients: Our experience

Sunil Kumar Patra and Souvagrya Panigrahi
Three instances of candida meningitis were experienced in a 3-year time frame in our medical clinic; all happened in neurosurgical patients. We portray these three cases and survey the 15 instances of neurosurgery-related candida meningitis recently. Information with respect to these 18 patients framed the reason for our survey. Most patients with candida meningitis had as of late gotten antibacterial specialists, and it is striking that half of patients experienced predecessor bacterial meningitis. The CSF examination uncovered neutrophilic pleocytosis that was from that of bacterial meningitis. The general mortality was 11%. Organization of amphotericin B joined with flucytosine gave off an impression of being the best helpful methodology for candida meningitis. The assurance depends in a general sense on CSF culture, since in the cases we assessed the yield of gram recoloring was low and the CSF disclosures were from those of bacterial meningitis. Flucytosine joined with amphotericin B warrants strong idea as antifungal treatment for candida meningitis; the perfect term of antifungal treatment remains dubious, anyway we propose that this mix treatment be overseen for no under 3 weeks. Furthermore, all shunts or ventriculostomies should be cleared for perfect accommodating outcome.
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Sunil Kumar Patra, Souvagrya Panigrahi. Meningitis caused by candida species: An emerging problem in neurosurgical patients: Our experience. Int J Appl Res 2018;4(6):137-141.
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