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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part E (2019)

Food habit and prevalence of certain age-associated disorders: A possible correlation

A Matin, Dr. Md. Rahmatullah and GM Ansari
Food habit and the quality of late life complement each other. The present investigation comprising a random sample survey of 1192 urban elderly of both sexes in the 60+ age group residing in Darbhanga (north Bihar) was aimed at ascertaining the prevalence among them of gouty arthritis, type-2- diabetes, hypertension and obesity in relation to food habit (vegetarian/non-vegetarian) on the basis of parameters such as serum uric acid, blood sugar (fasting and pp), serum total cholesterol and blood pressure. Results show that 1). About two-third elderly suffer either from one or more than one type of disorders. Almost fifty- percent of them are victim of multiple complexities 2). Non-vegetarians hugely outnumber their vegetarian counterparts in all the disease groups among both sexes. 3). Interestingly the highly prevalent hypertension (41% approx.) and the least prevalent gouty arthritis (19% approx.) aremore male oriented as compared to diabetes (34% approx.) and obesity (20% approx.) showing preference for fairer sex. 4.) Intriguingly enough subjects with multiple disorders show the higher co-prevalence of diabetes with hypertension followed by hypertension accompanying gouty arthritis.
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A Matin, Dr. Md. Rahmatullah, GM Ansari. Food habit and prevalence of certain age-associated disorders: A possible correlation. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(1):444-447.
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