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Vol. 5, Issue 10, Part C (2019)

The importance of translation in language learning

The importance of translation in language learning

Maryam Sahebi
Translation and education are tremendously important and sensitive sectors to work in, as it involves shaping someone's knowledge and experience. The right approach, method, direction and environment are all elements that need to be taken into account for a positive impact. With all its ramifications, sectors and groups of audience (in terms of age, level of expertise, generation, etc.), translating in the education sector is one of the least straightforward sectors, requiring detailed information to match the original intentions. At Today’s Translation, we have a vast experience of working in the Education sectors, having successfully translated brochures, training programs, research reports and also textbooks with very diverse target audiences. Our efficiency in this sector has been ensured by a very stringent selection of our professional translators for each project, who are not only native speakers and experts in the field, but also have a significant experience of at least 5 years. They always actively advise on best approaches, potential scenarios and tips for success. In this paper, I would like to have a look on the role of the translator as a mediator between cultures. Rather than merely supplanting one form of words for another, the translator has the capacity to enhance our understanding of development issues and indigenous cultures by mediating ideas across cultural and national boundaries. The article presents case studies where translation has played a crucial role in bringing new learning and wider understanding to rich, indigenous cultures in the world thereby enabling languages to become more widely ‘utilized and promoted through education, working towards formal protection by the respective state constitutions and curricula.
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Maryam Sahebi. The importance of translation in language learning. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(10):153-159.
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