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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 10, Part D (2019)

Plastic pollution effects on human health & environment: Impact study

Dr. Ramamohana Reddy Appannagari
Environmental pollution is defined as the contamination of the physical and biological components of the earth and atmosphere system to such an extent that normal environmental process is adversely affected. Environmental pollution is one of the most serious problems facing humanity and other life forms on our planet today. Pollutants can be naturally occurring substances or energies, but they are considered contaminants when in excess of natural levels. Any use of natural resources at a rate higher than nature’s capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land. The invention of plastic in 1907 was considered a breakthrough. Plastic products soon became omnipresent in our daily lives. For many years, we only perceived the benefits of plastic and knew little of the damaging consequences for human health, natural ecosystems and the climate. Plastics are a problem mostly due to their un-biodegradable nature, the materials used for plastic production (hydrocarbon molecules derived from the refining of oil and natural gas), and the challenges behind properly discarding them. Plastics are synthetic organic polymers, and though they have only existed for just over a century by 1988 in the United States alone, 30 million tons of plastic were produced annually of these materials has led to a great increase in their use over the past three decades, and they have rapidly moved into all aspects of everyday of human life .Plastics are lightweight, strong, durable and cheap characteristics that make them suitable for the manufacture of a very wide range of products These same properties happen to be the reasons why plastics are a serious hazard to the environment. Plastic is the real problem, you might ask. Plastics have come to clutter almost every landscape, but they are so useful and have made our lives much easier. We can carry our purchases from the store, stay dry in the rain, store things easily and securely, and preserve perishable food. Plastics are present in furniture, construction materials, cars, appliances, electronics and countless other things. Plastics are everywhere, even in our homes.
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Dr. Ramamohana Reddy Appannagari. Plastic pollution effects on human health & environment: Impact study. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(10):240-242.
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