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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 10, Part D (2019)

منصب تولیةالمراة فی مواقع الجهادیة(قیادة الجیش)

محمد حاکم شریعتی الاستاذالمساعدفی
For the purpose to clarify the Sharia order for recruitment of woman in Jihad affairs especially as military commander, the library research is conducted using Quran Karim, Prophetic Hadiths and jurisprudence sources. According to finding of the studies, forbidden of women recruitment as military commander is approved.
In addition to this, Islam has ordered alternative ways of these activities in which the women’s veil, modesty, chastity, etc. are safe and protected. For example, the alternative activities such as transferring of injured people to hospitals, their treatment, martyrs management and transferring to their families, provision and preparation of food for mojahedin, etc. are permitted.
In accordance to the research findings, women are allowed to execute the primary assistance in combat area as well can play role as a soldiers in the military. Such types of activities have been carried out by the companion’s women also.
It can be concluded that Islamic scholars have consensuses that woman is prohibited to play role as army leader or commander.
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محمد حاکم شریعتی الاستاذالمساعدفی. منصب تولیةالمراة فی مواقع الجهادیة(قیادة الجیش). Int J Appl Res 2019;5(10):257-265.
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