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Vol. 5, Issue 11, Part D (2019)

Indian Education System: The Heads and Tails

Indian Education System: The Heads and Tails

M Pradeep Kumar and P Sahithi
Education is the method of acquisition of knowledge, ethics, and values. It can also be defined as the process of bringing desirable changes into human beings. It is the base for the advancement of humans and plays a key role in development aspect of an individual and also the society. It not only helps in development of an individual but also in advancing the nation and leads to sustainable economic growth. Its direct and indirect effects can be seen on economic sector of the country. Although, the system in which the education is carried out varies from one country to another, but its core idea and purpose is same. For a county to have best education there should be a strong foundation and a good system with proper structure to carry out it effectively. If one sort outs the best educational system countries in the world, the list starts with Finland followed by Japan, South Korea, Denmark etc., the place of India is somewhere at the middle. It is the responsibility of every individual to bring India to the top in the list of best educational system. At present, Indian education system lags in few aspects and some improvements and changes are required. This paper addresses few issues, challenges and some lagging aspects in Indian education system and also provides some immediate changes required to enhance the quality of education in India.
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M Pradeep Kumar, P Sahithi. Indian Education System: The Heads and Tails. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(11):226-231.
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