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Vol. 5, Issue 11, Part D (2019)

Effect of rhizome cut on the yield of ginger

Effect of rhizome cut on the yield of ginger

R Ara, M Ratna, R Sarker, MM Ahmed and MM Rahman
The experiment was conducted at Regional Spices Research Centre, Gazipur during April to February, 2017-2018 and 2017-2018. Five seed rhizome cut consisted of one bud viz., S1=5±2 g, S2=10±2 g, S3=15±2 g, S4=20±2 g and S5=40±2 g were used in the experiment. Unit plot size was 5.0 m × 1.0 m. Seed rhizome were planted in two row maintaining inter and intra row spacing of 50 cm and 25 cm respectively. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replications. The rhizomes were planted on April 18, 2016 and April 20, 2017 and the crop was harvested on February 22, 2017 and 2018, respectively. The lowest days (36) was recorded for 1st emergence in 2016-2017 and that of 42 days for 50% emergence in 2017-2018 when maximum rhizome cut (40±2 g) was used as planting material. Different weighed rhizome cut had a significant effect on different yield attributes of ginger was found in 2016-2017. The highest plant height (53.87 cm), maximum number of leaves (145), tiller (15.67), primary rhizome (4.83) and heaviour secondary rhizome (250.64 g) and clump (335.5 g) was recorded in S4 (20±2 g). But significant highest weight of primary rhizome was recorded in S5 (68.30 g), grown from 40±2 g followed by 20±2 g (65.33 g). Similarly, in 2017-2018, maximum number of leaves (175.10) was counted in S4 (20±2 g). Maximum number of tiller / hill (15.17) was recorded in S5 (40±2 g) followed by S4 (15.00). The maximum number of primary rhizome (5.47 and 5.17) was obtained from S4 and S5 treatments, ­respectively although no significant variation was found between S4 (20±2 g) and S5 (40±2g). Significant highest weight of primary (67.97g), secondary (301.70 g) and rhizome /clump (362.89 g) was recorded in S4 grown from 20±2 g followed by 40±2 g. The highest yield (23.54 and 25.10 t/ha) was recorded from the plants grown from 20±2 g weighed rhizome cut in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, respectively. The highest gross return (TK 14, 12,400/ha) and net return (TK 9, 62,022/ha) was recorded in treatment S4 (20±2 g). But the maximum BCR (4.05) was recorded in treatment S1=5±2g in 2016-2017 while the highest gross return (TK 15, 06,000/ha) and net return (TK 9, 96,340/ha) with maximum BCR (2.95) was obtained from treatment S4 (20±2 g) in 2017-2018.
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R Ara, M Ratna, R Sarker, MM Ahmed, MM Rahman. Effect of rhizome cut on the yield of ginger. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(11):242-246.
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