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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 3, Part D (2019)

Genesis of slavery and slave mode of production in ancient Greece

Dr. Devendra Kumar
Slavery in ancient Greece was practised as a necessary adjunct of the social life of the Greek people. Though there is no evidence to record the actual date of the genesis of slavery in Greece, but by a simple surmise its birth is believed to have been synchronised with the crack of cultural dawn on the horizons of the Greek worlds. The Greek people were, by their very temperament disposed to a life of contemplation and were relatively less inclined to the manual labour involving a hard and strenuous physical exercise for which they had to engage persons from amongst the lower classes called as slaves who were procured either by capture in war, or by stealing or by way of purchase in the market. Thus, upon a perusal of the life, living, the style and the approach of the Greek people, we find that far from a life of drudgery and menial labour, their preference for the arm chaired life compatible with their contemplative mood, considerably helped them to make great strides in the field of art, literature, painting, science, politics and philosophy etc., and the entire world, once, saw their cultural achievement with complete awe and reverence.
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Dr. Devendra Kumar. Genesis of slavery and slave mode of production in ancient Greece. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(3):328-331.
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