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Vol. 5, Issue 4, Part G (2019)

Language and culture: Limbs of society

Language and culture: Limbs of society

Kulwinder Singh
This article is about reserve methods employed in the context of language and culture limbs of society. It is important for human being to know value of language and culture. This paper examiner hoe language might influence and be influenced by culture and what can be found out about a particular culture by studying its language. The common ground of the research interests is identified as language and society, language use and language and thought and illustrated with the relevant nation. This paper examines the inter relationship between language and Culture. This paper discuss especially role of Culture and language in society. Each language is born out of culture. The language is the integration of real life situation and setting. No language remains perfect static in its spoken form there is always a change, through usually for more slow than its spoken type. This is because the impact of culture on the language is slow but it change and interaction makes our mind rich with knowledge which brings development for good. A rich culture is impossible in a community of nomads where people struggle for life. Culture is dynamic; cross currents of other culture always the culture of a country language is species – Specific language as a system of signs. Language is means of communicating various types of feelings, moods, ideas, information, experience language and culture are limbs of society.
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