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Vol. 5, Special Issue 4, Part C (2019)

Digitalization of education as a trend of its modernization

Digitalization of education as a trend of its modernization

Manju Bala
This paper has presented a comprehensive analysis of the processes of digitalization of education, most actively taking place in the modern world. The formation of a knowledge society and the digital stage of development of modern civilization culture still remains a continuing process, which itself is experiencing serious internal contradictions and problems, especially in our country. Traditionally education is centred on sources such as schools, teachers and print media. The learners reached the information sources by enrolling with schools, teachers and libraries. Prior to the digital era, information was not accessible by the majority of people, and even those accessed were unable to obtain current information with respect to today’s context. The modern society wants to know the information as it happens and when it happens, and the world is moving from an information society to a knowledge society over a period of time many changes have occurred in different sectors of economy including the education system. Education sector unlike any other sector has seen many stages in its evolution. From Guru-Shishya system of conducting the class in open garden under the trees to closed class room lectures, presentation form of teaching with the aid of LCD touch-screen projector to online notes etc.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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