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Vol. 5, Special Issue 4, Part C (2019)

Digital education in India

Digital education in India

Sunita Rani
Education system of India is one of the largest education system and India is known for this. The number of schools, colleges and universities is so big that no one can question the top class education. We have around 1.4 million schools, 35,500 colleges, and 600 universities; still our graduate’s employment rate is inadequate. This inadequacy of our graduate employability shows the lack of educational infrastructure. To improve the infrastructure, start online education system. When it comes to online learning in education, the model has been pretty straightforward - up until the early 2000s education was in a classroom of students with a teacher who led the process. Physical presence was a no brainer, and any other type of learning was questionable at best. Then the internet happened, and the rest is history. E-learning is a rapidly growing industry, the effects of which we can trace back to the 1980s and even well before that (in the form of distance learning and televised courses). Now that affordable e-learning solutions exist for both computers and internet, it only takes a good e-learning tool for education to be facilitated from virtually anywhere.
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Sunita Rani. Digital education in India. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(4S):83-85.
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