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Vol. 5, Special Issue 4, Part E (2019)

Digitalization of education –A great change in teaching learning trends

Digitalization of education –A great change in teaching learning trends

Parmeela Devi and Dr. Sushma Gupta
This paper evaluates the use of digitalization in education. Technology is changing at a fast pace, so much so that it‘s challenging to hold. Technology has made education stress-free for both students and educators. In present scenario we need electronic means to get education in better way by using these means we can improve our grasp on education. Schools are gradually applying digital teaching solutions to make the classroom quality more broad and participatory. ICT has smoothed the learning teaching process for students. Students are eager to learn by using external gazettes and they can learn best in their classroom. Presently students reside in a world that is continuously linked and alert outside the class room, so traditional methods are odd now. The proliferation in education field can only be accomplished via digitalization of education so that students can learn at their own speed both within and outside the classroom. They can improve this learning by taking advice from their adviser. Information and communication technology in education has smoothed student grasping, students are may be the most ready and open to external education but they are in the best situation to captivate what comes up in the classroom. Presently education system is emerging for the sake of advancement, as this generation ‘students are not born to be restricted by the limits of simple learning; their curiosity is huge and cannot be served with educational systems that were plotted earlier. If we make our children to use digital means, it can remove burden from them in future and moreover it will make their lives more capable to comprehend technical inventions in education field. Our old education system lacks the capacity to stand a chance in the 21st century. So we are pushed to use digitalization in our education system.
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Parmeela Devi, Dr. Sushma Gupta. Digitalization of education –A great change in teaching learning trends. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(4S):134-137.
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