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Vol. 5, Special Issue 4, Part I (2019)

Revolution in digital learning

Revolution in digital learning

Anika Seth
Education system creates hope and it should never aim at creating mere hypes. Over a period of time many changes have occurred in different sectors of economy including the education system. Education sector unlike any other sector has seen many stages in its evolution. From Guru-Shishya system of conducting the class in open garden under the trees to closed class room lectures, presentation form of teaching with the aid of LCD touch-screen projector to online notes and now instant Whatsapp messages is the mong the students. Whatsapp has gained the status of being authentic formal means of communication among the students and the academicians. Screenshots have taken off the business of many of the photocopy outlets operating within many school and college premises. Indian subcontinent is comprised of diverse population belonging to various ethnic and cultural groups. Apart from these differences, the most visible difference that makes a direct impact on the Indian education system is the diversity in purchasing power and affordability of the Indians. This article is aimed at analyzing the nature of the modern education process in India where diversity is seen not only in culture and ethnicity but also in purchasing power and affordability of the Indian people.
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Anika Seth. Revolution in digital learning. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(4S):258-261.
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