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Vol. 5, Issue 6, Part B (2019)

Prevalence of Candida species in patients with Asthma

Prevalence of Candida species in patients with Asthma

Kishori S Tarfe and Sunita D Deshpande
Asthma & COPD has worldwide prevalence. Allergic asthma is a respiratory disease that is induced by exposure to environmental antigens that elicit allergic inflammation & intermittent airway obstruction due to which symptoms of cough & dysnea are seen. Inflammation can increase airway hyperresponsiveness which can lead to infections by viruses, fungi & various bacteria including atypical bacteria. Along with other fungi C. albicans is a potent allergen in some situations. Both the protein and carbohydrate fraction of C. albicans can act as an allergen. Total 150 patients suffering from Asthma were analysed for presence of Candida species in their sputum sample. 12 Patients showed growth of Candida species which were further differentiated as Candida albicans (10) & Candida tropicalis (02). Antibiotic susceptibility testing was also performed & most of the isolates were found to be sensitive for Amphotericin B followed by Clotrimoxazole & fluconazole. Total IgE was determined for confirmation of atopy & IgE was found to be raised in all patients. Candida albicans IgG was elevated in 21 patients. Elevated levels of C. albicans IgG along with positive sputum cultures indicates past & current infection by Candida species in asthma patients. Therefore it becomes essential to diagnose & treat these infections with appropriate antibiotics. As it is seen that Antibiotic treatment helps in fast recovery of patient, which can reduce duration for corticosteroid consumption by patients.
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Kishori S Tarfe, Sunita D Deshpande. Prevalence of Candida species in patients with Asthma. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(6):102-105.
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