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Vol. 5, Issue 7, Part B (2019)

Growth of service sector in Haryana

Growth of service sector in Haryana

Dr. Anita Moudgil
Over the last two decades, Haryana has emerged as one of the most prosperous States of India. The State has transformed itself from agrarian State to a well-rounded development State. Haryana’s growth and development trajectory has been progressive since its inception. Service sector boom along with sizeable industrialization has led to sharp rise in State’s per capita income. The structural change in Haryana has been in tune with the growth pattern of Indian economy and global economy in terms of changing shares of sectoral output in the State domestic product. The key drivers of fast Service Sector in Haryana are -its well-developed physical infrastructure such as power, roads and railways and social infrastructure like education and health, growing IT sector and alike. Service Sector growth became the main driver of the growth process of the economy of Haryana. An analysis of the growth pattern of Service Sector and Sub-Sectoral growth behavior pattern in terms of output shares is essential to understand the role of Service Sector in the economy of Haryana. Service Sector refers to multitude of activities which comprise of activities like Trade, Repair Services, Transportation, Hospitality, Entertainment, Communication, Health, Education, Support and Advisory Services. The part A of the paper discusses the growth profile of service Sector along with its sub sectors. Part B analyses the contribution of Service Sector to growth in Haryana. The study has been carried out for the State of Haryana covering the time period from 1970-71 to 2013-14. Nandkarni Methodology has been used. The research paper concludes that Haryana’s Service–led growth like India’s Service-led growth can be been called sustainable because of fast growth of Intermediate Services which provide input services to other economic sectors.
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Dr. Anita Moudgil. Growth of service sector in Haryana. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(7):70-82.
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