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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 7, Part D (2019)

The investigation of NO2 and NO3 anion in underground and surface waters of Herat city

Ahmad Timory, Abdul Khalil Kahdestani and Nasir Ahmad Heravi
In Herat, Water as a main living substance is used for drinking, washing, agriculture and industrial purposes. Water can be infected by anything that dissolve in it, which directly threats human being’s health. Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrite (NO3) are the most important polluter anions. Whish respectively with more concentrations from 50 mg/lit and 0.2mg/lit is poisoning to drink and at times deadly. Therefore, studying of water quality is too important. The goal of this research is the laboratorial analysis of waters quality especially the Herat city NO3 and NO2 parameters. The method of this research is analytic, descriptive and quantitative and from the segmental type which the samples of water from the three section or part of Herat city (Karbar, Ju-e-Naw and Ju-e-Enjeel) three samples were taken from each place. The results are explained in graphs and are compared with the international range. The results show that the density of NO2 in all parts are fitted according to the international standards (WHO) except in Kartah area that will not occur any problem. Whereas, the density of NO3 in (Ghaizan, Pol-e-Rangeena and Kartah) areas are higher than international standard (WHO) and using of water is worrying. For decreasing of this problem, it is necessary to avoid using of unqualified and useless fertilizer in the farms as possible as we can.
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Ahmad Timory, Abdul Khalil Kahdestani, Nasir Ahmad Heravi. The investigation of NO2 and NO3 anion in underground and surface waters of Herat city. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(7):243-247.
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