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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 8, Part C (2019)

The impact of using gadgets on children’s psychology

Tejashree Ramesh Dhende
Using a gadget has become a trend in today’s generation. Learning gadgets proves good as well as bad relationship between learning and technology. The main purpose for the study is to find out the positive relationship between children and technology. In the education sector technology shows children become more social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. As now a day’s learning apps helps children to solve difficulties and shaping their learning abilities. With the use of varies gadgets children become more comfortable with subjects like science and math’s. Many Researchers has found The Positive Impact of Gadget in better development of motor and Cognitive skills. Games proves the positive relationship in gathering information, reasoning and grasping power. Through educational websites we can get complete information regarding particular topic as they have many online quizzes, online tutorials and brainstorming riddles which help to developed ability in the formulating of ideas. Technology has positive impact as well as negative impact, it depends upon the individual how they make the use of modern technology. Technology has got Negative impact as well for instance negative impact on individual include Distorted Body Image, Risky Sexual Behaviour, Making Everything Commercial, risk of obesity and score Low in School. It can be prevented with the limited use and proper access of modern technology. Protecting children from the adverse impacts of electronic devices is become task for the parents as it has both positive and negative effects. Following are some tips for parents: Restrict the amount of time children spend with gadgets. Encourage your children to play outside with their friends and siblings with improve interaction and communication skills. Ensure adequate sleep of your child for body and mind relaxation. And help your children to differentiate between reality and fantasy world.
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Tejashree Ramesh Dhende. The impact of using gadgets on children’s psychology. Int J Appl Res 2019;5(8):157-160.
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