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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part B (2020)

Poverty and economic development with relation of social justices

Namita Sharma
How far can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives help to address poverty, social exclusion and other development challenges? What is the balance of responsibilities between state, market and civil society in addressing these problems and meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? What new tools, strategies and methodologies are required to harness the positive potential contribution of business to development and deter corporate irresponsibility? This special issue brings together a dynamic mix of academics and development specialists to address these themes in a focused and innovative way. In this introductory article, we consider some of the key cross-cutting themes and insights raised by the contributions. The aim of the introduction and the special issue is to start to fill the gap in our understanding of how, when and through what means business can help to reduce poverty, while recognising the equally powerful potential of the business community to exacerbate poverty. Taking particular CSR initiatives as a starting point, we seek to look at the broader developmental footprint of business-as-usual strategies, as well as those which fall under the banner of CSR, to gain a fuller picture of how business is implicated in the development process.
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Namita Sharma. Poverty and economic development with relation of social justices. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(1):96-98.
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