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Vol. 6, Issue 10, Part B (2020)

Tenets of epidemiology (Janpadodhwansa) in Ayurveda

Tenets of epidemiology (Janpadodhwansa) in Ayurveda

Dr. Jyotima Pandey, Dr. Deepak Tiwari, Dr. Manohar Ram, Dr. Ramnihor Tapsi Jaiswal and Dr. Ajay Kumar
Ayurveda is the Wisdom of Life (Ayu- Life; Veda- Wisdom). The laurel of Ayurveda is that it's not a compendium with list of diseases and medications only. A vertical scan through the Ayurvedic literatures reveals that; there is an array of tenets endorsed very exquisitely regarding every aspect of life. The most basic principle of Ayurveda is Samyata i.e. balance. The balance among the constituents of body i.e. Dosha, Dhatus and Malas; and in the same fashion balance between the body and nature / universe is equally necessary. As per Ayurveda theory; our body and whole universe is a conflation of the same entities and influence each other too; unison required between the nature / universe and the self for proper functioning of the both. All natural disasters, calamities or epidemic, pandemic diseases are resultant of disturbance in that unison between inside and out. To accomplish that balance many fundamental principles are described in Ayurveda. As for as epidemiology is concerned, a separate chapter has been given for this other principles like concept of causation of diseases, classification of diseases, concept of communicable diseases and their transmission described in piecemeal should be compiled, analyzed and interpreted in the light of modern concept of epidemiology; this will be helpful in contemplating the breaking of chain.
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Dr. Jyotima Pandey, Dr. Deepak Tiwari, Dr. Manohar Ram, Dr. Ramnihor Tapsi Jaiswal, Dr. Ajay Kumar. Tenets of epidemiology (Janpadodhwansa) in Ayurveda. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(10):82-84.
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