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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 10, Part M (2020)

Problems of agriculture women labour in Bihar

Dr. Pradip Kumar
Agriculture is the first culture that man learnt to practice as a means of livelihood. It is the primary sector of any economy either it is developed or developing. Agriculture is considered the backbone of the Bihar’s rural economy and is a family enterprise and an important engine of rural growth and poverty reduction. Bihar’s economic security is heavily dependent on agriculture and in terms of employment; it is the most important source, especially for rural women. Women in India are the backbone of the society and important resource in agriculture and rural economy. They make essential contributions to the agricultural development and allied and household activities and pursue multiple livelihood strategies. These activities include producing agricultural crop, cleaning animals, preparing food, working in rural enterprises, engaging in trade and marketing, caring family members and maintaining their homes. About 63% of all economically active men are engaged in agriculture as compared to 78% of women. Traditionally, women have always played an important role in agriculture- as farmers, co-farmers, wage labours and managers of farms. They have conventionally been producers of food from seed to kitchen. Women carry heavier work burden in food production, however due to gender discrimination, get lower returns for their work. The multiple role of women leads to a significant contribution in real terms to the productive system. But it is unfortunate that her role is not adequately recognized and properly her contribution not qualified in the male- dominated society.
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Dr. Pradip Kumar. Problems of agriculture women labour in Bihar. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(10):806-810.
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