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Vol. 6, Issue 11, Part F (2020)

Shah waliullah: The pioneer of Qurān study in India

Shah waliullah: The pioneer of Qurān study in India

Dr. Md. Nazmul Islam Barbhuiya
This paper deals with a thorough overview on Shah Waliullah (1703 – 1762 AD) with special reference to his thoughts about the study and the teaching-learning methods of the Holy Qurān and Sunnah. He is an orthodox Sunni, a prolific writer, a well-known social reformer and an Islamic philosopher of eighteenth century undivided India. His father as well as his ancestors had a deep attention and concern with the Islamic learning and sciences. Shah Waliulah studied basically under the proper guidance of his father Shah Abdur Rahim and within a short span of time he became the graduate in almost all fundamental subjects necessary for Islamic learning. After the sad demise of his father in 1719, he started to teach in Rahimiya College, known as Al-Madrasa al-Raḥīmiya, of Delhi founded by his father. Unlike others, he changed the ongoing method(s) and designed a new curriculum and teaching methodology for Islamic sciences. He deserves in his writing the credit of a good number of important books in Arabic and Persian most of which have been translated and further interpreted into Arabic, English and Urdu languages and also have been still prescribed as reference or/and text books in various government and non-government madrasas and universities all over the world. He is found to be more inquisitive than to be a mere learner of a subject. His books Al-Fauzul-KabÄ«r fi UsÅ«l al-TafsÄ«r, Ḥujjatullāhil-Bāliḡah, Fatḥ al-Raḥman fi Tarjama al-Qurān and Anfāsul-‘Ä€rifÄ«n rightly witness this fact. His writings are basically based on two fundamental trends; viz. commentary and philosophical. His books are regarded as the treatise of Islamic sciences which deal with the knowledge of the Holy Qurān, Tradition, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), History and Taá¹£awwuf (Islamic Mysticism).
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International Journal of Applied Research
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