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Vol. 6, Issue 2, Part C (2020)

Role of Ayurveda in Jalodar: A case study

Role of Ayurveda in Jalodar: A case study

Dr. Jaya Singh and Dr. Shweta Mishra
Ayurveda emphasises that all the diseases are the result of weak state of Agni. Improper functioning of Agni leads to various metabolic disorders. Ascites is the accumulation of free fluid in the peritoneal cavity. In Ayurveda, it can be compared with Jalodar and Yakritadaludar. Cirrhosis is the final phase of Alcoholic liver disease which is one of the major cause of ascites associated with hepato-splenomegaly. Due to mandagni and malavriddhi udar Roga occurs. A 51 year old male patient approached with grade II ascites with bilayeral pedal oedema. He was alcoholic since 8 years. He was subjected to treatment involving Ayurvedic drugs in specific dosing pattern wirh restricted diet plan for 1 month. This case report demonstrated the succesful treatment of ascites due to alcoholic liver disease.
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Dr. Jaya Singh, Dr. Shweta Mishra. Role of Ayurveda in Jalodar: A case study. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(2):180-182.
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