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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part A (2020)

Effectiveness of alternate nostril breathing on blood pressure among hypertensive patients

K Karpagam and P Priyadharshini
Hypertension is psychologically classified as quiet executioner, it has a hallmark of many cardiovascular issue basically happening because of mainly occurring due to increase in the total peripheral resistance because of several aetiological factors-genetic, obesity, glucose intolerance, high salt intake, cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, increased serum renin level. Hypertension otherwise called hypertension is long haul ailment in which the circulatory strain in the conduits is steadily raised. Hypertension ordinarily doesn't cause side effects. Long term hypertension has a significant hazard factor for coronary supply route illness, stroke, cardiovascular breakdown, fringe vascular infection, vision misfortune, and incessant kidney ailment. Hypertension is a significant general medical issue, in both monetarily created and creating countries. The focus of this research paper is to evaluate independent effects of the yogic breathing exercise, alternate nostril breathing (ANB). Quasi Experimental study was conducted among Hypertensive clients. Sample size was 50 (Experimental group-25, and Control Group-25). The sample who met the Inclusion criteria was selected by using non- probability Convenience sampling method was used. The pre assessment of Blood pressure was done. Then the Alternative Nasal Breathing Exercises was taught for 30 minute for twice day for one Week. Then the Post Assessment was Blood Pressure done. The Data were tabulated and analysed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The Calculated ‘t’ Value is significant p<0.005. This study indicates practicing Alternative breathing significantly lower the Systolic and Diastolic Blood pressure among Hypertensive Clients.
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K Karpagam, P Priyadharshini. Effectiveness of alternate nostril breathing on blood pressure among hypertensive patients. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(3):15-17.
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