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Vol. 6, Issue 8, Part B (2020)

Question of caste in the era of globalization

Question of caste in the era of globalization

Vidyasagar Sharma
In the 21st century where the entire globe is converting into the local village as well as a modern institution like nation-states are emerged. Globalization has immensely affected the social structure of different states and societies. But this is very paradoxical thing is that globalization has changed the status of society but on the other hand Indian society is still facing the strong hierarchy between different castes in terms of economic status, social status, political status and cultural status. In this paper I am trying to draw the grey area of globalization which is rarely discussed in the academic discourse, we generally discussed the globalization in black and white. My main supposition is that after the strong influence of globalization in India, we have a strong element of caste. Though the government has taken some step to eradicate this unequal hierarchical division of society through affirmative action. One of the reasoning given for that is, in the times of globalization the need for actions related to problems of the past like Caste System does not arise and also that even if there is a need, globalization is sufficient enough to fade away the caste inequality present in the country. In this paper, I am trying to address the question 'why Caste is still the most dominating element in Indian society; however, globalization has changed the entire structure of so-called modern society’.
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Vidyasagar Sharma. Question of caste in the era of globalization. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(8):130-133.
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