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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 9, Part E (2020)

Impacts of food adulteration in Nepal

Mr. Lila Raj Bhandari
This study analyzes the trend and impact of the food adulteration in Nepal under the explorative research design, qualitative and quantitative research method and average sampling on the basis of the theory of health behavior and production theory in order to find out the trend of food adulteration and its impact on health. Food adulteration is a sensitive challenge that may be harmful for human health. Explorative and descriptive research design with qualitative and quantitative method have been applied in this research because of its nature. This research has been based on secondary data although purposive sampling was used while conducting this research. Food adulteration has been classified into ten sectors in this study such as: adulteration in milk-based products; fats and oil. Fruit and vegetable products; species and condiments; Tea, coffee, cocas and their products; Salt; Cercal, Pulse and their products,; processed drinking water, Sweating agents, and Sweets and confectionary. The finding of this research indicates that food adulteration is a common practice in Nepal due to the negligence of apathy government that totally destroy human health. Out of the 10 types products, the more adulteration can be seen in medicine, species products and pulses. This study has concluded that the lack of proper control and monitoring of the authorized office and the negligence of people in awareness are the major problems of adulteration. This study moreover concluded that, this tendency of adulteration may destroy human health and ultimately damage the human life. The government should make the proper policy to monitor the food adulteration. The public should be aware with the production and its composition. customer should buy only labeled products.
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Mr. Lila Raj Bhandari. Impacts of food adulteration in Nepal. Int J Appl Res 2020;6(9):333-339.
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