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Vol. 7, Issue 2, Part E (2021)

Cerebral infarction - My experience!

Cerebral infarction - My experience!

Dr. Raj Kamal Choudhary
Background: Cerebral infarction is common medical emergency. It is mostly caused by thromboembolic disease secondary to atherosclerosis in major extra cranial arteries. Cerebral venous occlusion, if promptly diagnosed and adequately managed, contains reversible alterations. Hypertension is the most important modifiable risk factor for stroke. Efficacious reduction of blood pressure is essential for stroke prevention, even more so than the choice of antihypertensive drugs. Indications for the use of antihypertensive drugs depend on blood pressure values and vascular risk profile; thus, treatment should be initiated earlier in patients with diabetes mellitus or in those with a high vascular risk profile. Treatment of dyslipidemia with statins, anticoagulation therapy in atrial fibrillation, and carotid endarterectomy in symptomatic high-grade carotid stenosis are also effective for stroke prevention. Lifestyle factors that have been proven to reduce stroke risk include reducing salt, eliminating smoking, performing regular physical activity, and maintaining a normal body weight. Hereby I am sharing my personal experience about disease onset, progress, useful investigations, its medication and role of physiotherapy.
Methods: I had Stroke was in 2009, and here I am sharing my personal experiences about the signs and symptoms, the investigations I had to go through like the blood sample for homocysteine, C.T. scan, M.R.I., D.S.A., USG to reach to the diagnosis, Also the treatment that was given to me in different institutes which I visited because of my condition and how physiotherapy helped me to get back to the normal life.
Conclusion: In my case, what I have believed is that antiplatelets, benzodiazepines and physiotherapy has a major role in treatment of infarct and its consequences.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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