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Vol. 7, Issue 6, Part D (2021)

An analysis of women’s participation in the agrarian India

An analysis of women’s participation in the agrarian India

Dr. Anuj Kumar, Sonal Meena and Sunil Kumar
India is a developing and predominantly agricultural country. About 67% of India's total population lives in rural areas and about 60% of the households engaged in agriculture get their income mainly from farming. Agriculture is an engine of development and poverty alleviation in developing countries like India and here it is the main occupation of the poor. About 61% of all the economically active men are engaged in agriculture while this percentage is about 74% among women. In developing countries like India, it has also been seen that women play an important role in activities related to main crop production, live-stock production, horticulture, post-harvesting operations etc. and especially in vegetable farming. Despite the structural shift from the primary sector of the Indian economy to the tertiary sector, there has been no major business diversification in the employment status of women; agriculture is still a leading sector in women's employment. In India it is also estimated that women comprise 45.3% of the agricultural labour force but a large number of women remain as invisible workers worrying about the gap between women's actual economic participation and public perception about it. In developing countries like India the agriculture sector has developed holistically and has emerged with the incorporation of science and technology but even this latest development has not been able to reduce the ignorance of female labour force as an integral part of agriculture industry. The Indian agricultural economy continues to absorb and employ the female work force in agriculture but fails to recognize them as hired labour. This research paper attempts to study the status of women in agriculture in India and highlight their various activities related to agricultural farming that are prominently faced by women. In this study, an attempt has been made to compare the trends in the percentage participation of women working in agriculture with that of men, as well as research reveals the trends of women participation in agriculture in different Indian states.
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Dr. Anuj Kumar, Sonal Meena, Sunil Kumar. An analysis of women’s participation in the agrarian India. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(6):225-231.
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