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Vol. 7, Issue 8, Part E (2021)

Role of institution in quality assurance

Role of institution in quality assurance

Sabiha Perween and Tushmit Jahan
Human are the main source of development and Education is the process of human empowerment. It makes people able to solve their problem, fulfil their need and adjust in his society in better way. As a developing country India have a largest system of education. A number of universities, departments, colleges as well as private institutions and many informal and non-formal institutions like open Universities specially department of education engaged in teacher education.
Education not only engages improvement of the students for fulfill the demand of society and prepare student for Higher education. It also having committed and competent citizen of the country. Quality assurance in education is most important for produced qualified people which depend on the outcome of the education institutions. National council for Teacher Education, a statutory body of Govt of India is responsible for maintain the standard and norms for improvement of the quality of teacher education all over the India. Present paper emphasizes the role of NCTE, Accreditation agencies, Indicators and suggestion for enhancing quality.
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Sabiha Perween, Tushmit Jahan. Role of institution in quality assurance. Int J Appl Res 2021;7(8):356-357.
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