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Vol. 8, Issue 12, Part C (2022)

Pattern of agricultural growth in Haryana

Pattern of agricultural growth in Haryana

This paper has analysed the recent trends in growth of agriculture in Haryana. Although agricultural growth recorded was approx. 3 per cent per annum during 2010-21, few states like Kerala continue to witness low growth. Although small farmers have benefitted from this growth, their income levels are still very low. However, in the state of Haryana this has resulted in continuous environmental degradation, particularly of soil, vegetation and water resources. Soil organic matter levels are declining and the use of chemical inputs is intensifying. Newly introduced crop varieties have been responsive to inputs but this has necessitated both increased fertiliser application and use of irrigation resulting in water contamination by nitrate and phosphate and changes in the ground water table. With 82% of the geographic area already under cultivation, the scope for increased productivity lies in further intensification which is crucially dependent on more energy-intensive inputs. Declining nutrient-use efficiency, physical and chemical degradation of soil, and inefficient water use have been limiting crop productivity, whilst the use of monocultures, mechanisation and an excessive reliance on chemical plant protection have reduced crop, plant and animal diversity in recent years. About 60% of the geographical area faces soil degradation (waterlogging, salinity and alkalinity) which threatens the region’s food security in the future.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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