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Vol. 8, Issue 7, Part A (2022)

Study of floral biology of Bidens pilosa L.

Study of floral biology of Bidens pilosa L.

Rinkoo Vishwakarma, M Salim and IP Kumhar
The present paper indicates that B. pilosa displays vegetative, flowering and fruiting phases throughout the year. The plant produces heterogamous capitula with all ray florets opening on the first day and disc florets opening on the next four consecutive days. The ray florets are sterile while disc florets are fertile, dichogamous, protandrous, herkogamous, self-compatible, self-pollinating (vector-mediated) and facultative xenogamous. The disc florets display secondary pollen presentation. The plant is accordingly entomophilous but principally psychophilous. Disc florets produce non-dormant, long and short cypselas from the same capitulum. Seed dispersal is polychorous involving anemochory, anthropochory, zoochory and ombrohydrochory.
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Rinkoo Vishwakarma, M Salim, IP Kumhar. Study of floral biology of Bidens pilosa L.. Int J Appl Res 2022;8(7):17-20.
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